Sunday Tweets From Pakistan

Here are some tweets from Pakistan I enjoyed today. Hopefully, you will also!

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Thoughts For Thursday – August 25

Life is not always the same. Ups and down are part of it and through a bumpy ride, we eventually learn so much. Not just about ourselves but also about the world we live in.


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Karachi Landmarks – St. Andrews Church

Many churches in Karachi are mainly located in Saddar Town, which is surrounded by urban madness. One of them is St. Andrews Church which was built in 1868.

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Roll-up With The Rolled Ice Cream

Before today, I had no idea about what in the world a rolled ice cream is, which is also known as stir-fried ice cream. But many thanks to Catherine, who had just shared her amazing experience of enjoying a rolled ice creamĀ atĀ 8 Fahrenheit, Atlantaā€™s first rolled ice cream store, on Buford Highway.

image courtesy of Catherine

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Seaview – Take A look In The Kaleidoscope

This summer, citizens of Karachi welcomed monsoon showers with wide open arms. You would have done the same if you had been living in Karachi for past three years without monsoon rain. Dark and heavy clouds showed up every time but they didn’t unloaded themselves up.

image courtesy of The Karachi Walla

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