FOTD Wednesday – Feb 24th

Step out and wide

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CBWC Lens-Artists – Shadowing On Stairs

Going up and going down

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Ticks And Tocks

Following the hands

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Friday Fun – On That Path

Here’s an old poem of mine for this week’s Friday Fun – Your Path by Kate

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Once Upon A Cold Morning

Once I walked

Alongside waves

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Weekend Sky #17 – Feb 20th

Towards a little peacefulness!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Stacked Bricks

Cemented long ago
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FOTD Thursday – Feb 18th

Over here in my town

The days are getting warmer

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Post I Like – A Little Bit Of Kindness

Check out this thought provoking post from Aysa!

This is especially for those who are making travel plans for themselves.

I’ve been thinking of writing something about love because even though I don’t celebrate Valentine’s, I can’t discount the fact that February is always associated with the word love. And love for me is always associated with kindness.

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Bon Appetite

My long wait

Was finally over

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