Let Me Understand

Let me understand
Why it just happened
Why did I become a stranger

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Going Back By Looking Back

Here’s a trip down the memory lane, accompanied by a poem!

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Floral Friday – Mar 13th

As close as we wish to be!

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Wordless Wednesday – Rainbow Dreams


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Floral Friday – 3rd Jan

May be we all are still searching for our oasis!

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The Last Page

The last one for another year

Another set of bygone days

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Wondering Above

And my wondering moves on

Like clouds in the sky above

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Floral Friday – Dec 13th

Gaps and spaces

Are life’s part

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Hold On To Dreams And Fantasies

Life is real for sure

Burdened with ups and downs

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – A Might’s Fall

As you are about

To take your usual fall

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