A Cheerful Recipe

Tangled in the mess of

What we go through each day

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Bridge Up

A way to connect

With the other side

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Floral Friday – Nov 2nd

Inner blindness is very bad!

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What Falls Upon

Strikes right into us

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All That Seems

Far away or close

image source: unknown

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Full Of Color

A treat for our eyes!

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A German Becoming A Pakistani

Few years ago, it was hard to imagine that a foreigner would dare to even step inside Pakistan, all because of violence and terrorism in the my beloved country. That era was definitely a dark one in our history and wiping it off wasn’t so easy.

image courtesy of @KoblerinPAK

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A Journey Of 38 Steps

38 Steps!

Doesn’t sound too much if one takes embarks on a journey.

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