Ticks And Tocks

Following the hands

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Once Upon A Cold Morning

Once I walked

Alongside waves

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Still Going On

The last few remaining

But still standing strong


Letting the world know

About not giving up

No matter what

Sharing with RDP Monday – Robust and Word Of The Day Challenge – Sprightly

Love Is Not In The Air

With bit of a luck

I may find a hug

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My Call From Within

I can hear the calls

Constantly round the clock

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Timely Lessons

Time takes away a lot

But hands over the lessons

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A Reality Check

The time will come

To take the plunge

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An End To Remember

Gathering my last few breathes

As I finally took the fall

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In The Matter Of Words

Words after words

Felt like pegging

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Before My Perfect Moment

When the moment was right

I had all the opportunities

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