Much Ado About Dreams

Inflating dream after dream

In a desperate hope

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What’s Burning Up, Doc?

Sniffing through the discussions

One can either sense

Tasteful aroma

Or burning emotions

close up photo of kettle
Photo by Kim van Vuuren on

No need to overfill the kettle

As ingredients should be just right

And good to keep the flames

Much lower from max

As good discussions

Are best served

With warmness in hearts

And mindful understandings

For RDP Monday – Kettle and Word Of The Day – Sniff

Round And Round

Going around in circles

Either walking or running

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Up, Up And Away

Towards the sky

Where limits

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Hard To Say

Moving about

From one word to another

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Ticks And Tocks

Following the hands

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Once Upon A Cold Morning

Once I walked

Alongside waves

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Still Going On

The last few remaining

But still standing strong


Letting the world know

About not giving up

No matter what

Sharing with RDP Monday – Robust and Word Of The Day Challenge – Sprightly

Love Is Not In The Air

With bit of a luck

I may find a hug

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My Call From Within

I can hear the calls

Constantly round the clock

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