Along The Way

I don’t know

What lies ahead

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Reflecting The Inner

I wonder if our reflections

Were capable enough

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Rocks Meets Waves

They do make a lovely pair!

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Re-posting: He and She – In Park

Meeting that One person for which heart immediately falls for sounds so romantic.

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Lens Artist Challenge – Harmonizing

One can actually be a sum of many!

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Floral Friday – May 3rd

Mistakes we all make

Every now and then

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Your Personal Locomotive – A Short Film

Heading towards the next level!

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Post I Like: City Libraries – Taimuria Library

A five minute drive from my home in North Nazimabad takes you a library, which is filled with books but sadly not with people.

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A Beauty’s Drops

Weekends should be simple!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Vanishing Highs

Not for weak hearts!

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