CBWC Friday – Vanishing Wood

This one goes way long!

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WWE Wednesday – Dec 30th

A look back at old waters!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – A Lookback At Precious

Honestly, this is bit hard to do!

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A Call Of The Moments

I wonder if you will ever remember

Those moments and those gatherings

When clouds were just a touch away

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Floral Friday – Dec 11th

Some quiet moments

Can do wonders

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Fun Foto Challenge – Wishing For Water

I wish for certain moments

To last beyond my cravings

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Kinda Resting Over A Palm

Constant hard work for whole day but no rest?

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The Growing Distance

Flying around me

Are moments of past
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FOTD Saturday – Sep 19th

Waiting for the perfect moment!

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Lens-Artists Challenge – Lockdown Creativity

As for me, it ain’t much fruitful!

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