FOTD Tuesday – March 31st

Here’s an early look!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Picks From Me

A mix platter you can say!

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FOTD Tuesday – Mar 17th

Uncertainty is reigning!

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Post I Like: Social Distance

And now, few thoughts on the growing trend of Social Distancing by Kate.

Read it out!


self isolation, keeping a social distance
allows space to look inside without resistance

life is so full of distractions
time to check our reactions

we all have ample, enough
no need to hoard more stuff

take a walk, read a book
get outside, take a look

life is far too short
for us to get caught

in panic and fear
for we are all dear

so find your inner peace
wondrous what it can release

use this opportunity
for this has brought us unity!

friday fun – distance

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A Photo A Week Challenge – A Red Pursuit

Here’s my attempt to create a scene!

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B&W Photo Challenge – Among Stocks

Nothing but enormous!

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Light Up The Night

Certainly dark but filled up with colors!

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Vanishing Years

Every passing day

Is pulling me towards

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FOTD Tuesday – Feb 18th

Look closely!

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LPM Photo Adventure – Breaking Life’s Stills

I dearly wish to break some of them!

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