Mid-Week Monochrome – A Turtle Reflection

This fella was a bit camera shy!

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CBWC Lens-Artists – Shadowing On Stairs

Going up and going down

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Still Going On

The last few remaining

But still standing strong


Letting the world know

About not giving up

No matter what

Sharing with RDP Monday – Robust and Word Of The Day Challenge – Sprightly

Dots On The Floor

A look from down below!

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FOTD Tuesday – Feb 2nd

Time is ticking away

Not waiting at all

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CBWC Friday – To Wander In The Farms

Two of a kind!

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CBWC Friday – Vanishing Wood

This one goes way long!

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CBWC – Into The Water

It is nothing but fun!

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Mid-Week Monochrome – Points To Feel

It is quite easy to make a point!

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Mid-Week CBWC – Dec 4th

A little closer to a rose this time!

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