About Me

A great listener, an obedient son, a loving father, a movie buff, a nature lover, a vivid thinker and most importantly, a simple guy.

Add up all above mentioned qualities and you get Hammad Rais, creator of this blog.

First of all, thank you for landing here. Your ship must be cruising for a while now, drop your anchor here and feel free to browse through the posts.

What you will find on this blog?

  • My thoughts and feelings on random things, current happenings or old.
  • I love to take pictures (kindly ease up as I’m an un-selfie person).
  • Sometimes, I write few lines and declare it as poetry.
  • My family is my life, so they are a big part of my blog too.
  • Posts about both Karachi (my city) and Pakistan (my country) are regularly featured on my blog.

To find a little more about me, check out my very first post (click here). If that wasn’t enough then check this post also (click here)

So check out what I have blogged about by clicking on the menu above or check my recent posts on the right side of your screen.

Happy surfing!!


42 thoughts on “About Me

  1. AOA…A seperated Indian sister here.I am pleased to stop by your blog. I would love to know more about Pakistan, my dream place. Your posts covers honesty and being simple and loving humanity, which I love the most.Wish you good luck!

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  2. AoA Dear…
    Its a pleasure to visit your blog.
    The photo collection, foodie touch and Karachi (I’ve lifelong memories associated with this beautiful city) make it an awesome niche on web.
    Stay blessed. Keep radiating goodness.
    Best regards always.

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    1. Waalikum Aassalam,
      Thanks for checking out my little blog and commenting here. Karachi is a very big part of my life and I just love to share the wonders of this city.
      Thanks for following up 🙂


  3. Hi Hammad. I’ve dropped anchor. I am so curious about Pakistan and the Middle East except for “The Kingdom.” I read both “Kingdom” books and have known royalty so I’m not as curious about them. But the other countries…..so interesting. Thanks for noticing my stuff!!!!

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi! Thanks for dropping by. Don’t worry, I don’t talk about The Kingdom at all, so you can stay here without any problem. Do check out Touring Pakistan section of my blog to see how beautiful my country is. There are many other sections here which I’m sure you will like too.
      Happy surfing!!


    1. Hi there! Thanks for stopping by and commenting. Just a tiny correction: I’m a Pakistani, not Indian 🙂 but the food is very much same in both countries, so thanks for loving them

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