Lens-Artists Challenge – Mind Your Distance

Not just for yourself but for everyone!

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Wheels O’ Wheels

How long for the circle to get complete?

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Saturday Odd Ball – Night’s Might

Can you hear the call?

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Floral Friday – March 27th

A closer look!

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Life Still Going On But Are We?

The very perspective of life and the true meaning of it may unfold for us,  all thanks to a tiny humane virus!

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FOTD Monday – Mar 23rd

Blooming together

On a lovely morning

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A Photo A Week Challenge – When I Look Up

I feel so small!

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Friday Fun Challenge – Above A Distant City

Everything looks so different!

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FOTD Tuesday – Mar 17th

Uncertainty is reigning!

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Post I Like: Social Distance

And now, few thoughts on the growing trend of Social Distancing by Kate.

Read it out!


self isolation, keeping a social distance
allows space to look inside without resistance

life is so full of distractions
time to check our reactions

we all have ample, enough
no need to hoard more stuff

take a walk, read a book
get outside, take a look

life is far too short
for us to get caught

in panic and fear
for we are all dear

so find your inner peace
wondrous what it can release

use this opportunity
for this has brought us unity!

friday fun – distance

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