There Was A Heartbeat

There was a heartbeat

Though a fainted one

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Friendly Friday Challenge – Off To Blues

Yeah, it’s Monday and I’m feeling blue again!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Still Focusing

It is hard to concentrate sometimes!

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FOTD Monday – Sep 9th

I would prefer to stay

Where peace reigns

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – A Might’s Fall

As you are about

To take your usual fall

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Away From Usual

The road seems never ending

When long stretches of time

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Friendly Friday Challenge – Leaves Are Lovely

Time is nearing by for them to fall!

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Post I Like: Rule Number 6

Rules are certainly life savers!

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Love Letters From Istanbul, Turkey

A nephew traces his uncle’s lost love in Turkey, some 40 years after his uncle’s death

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – My Karachi

The very city of mine is a jungle!

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