Stairs Of Shadows

A step on a shade.

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Heavy Moments

What can you hear

When no one is speaking

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Re-blog: Rescue Remedies

Speaking about being dragging along on rough surfaces of negativity since this morning, I received another helping hand from Kate Blake through this small but lovely piece of rescue remedies.

Use them frequently for your heart, mind and soul’s peacefulness 🙂


Go for a mooch, more of a meander than a walk … stop look listen

Climb a tree, the world looks different and troubles seem much further away

Pick something, wash it under the tap and eat it raw – parsley is my favourite!

Make your favourite treat with all the embellishments – mint slice, scones n jam

Or make some bread, all that kneading and working is therapeutic

Give someone a bunch of flowers – a neighbour, a stranger, your grocer

Look at photos of old friends, good holidays – have a moment down memory lane

Plant a tree or a shrub – giving back to the environment is healthy

Listen by being still, call it pray or meditation or just connect with the earth

Eat a chocolate frog and offer one to the next person you meet

Buy a friend a coffee or leave one to be paid…

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Photo For The Week 17 – Mountains To Climb

Nailed to this Earth are the rocky giants!

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – Look Inside

What lies within

May not be much

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Down Came The Rain

There is a certain magic in rain.

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Limits Of My Vision

What lies beyond?

blue sky

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Floral Friday – Feb 2nd

For all you possess right now

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Floral Friday – Jan 12th

Surrounded by loved ones

A floral shaped soul

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Take Your First Step


The first step

Is always heavy

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