Friday Fun – A Single Drop

The power of one is not to be underestimated!

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FOTD Monday – Sep 7th

Bit annoying it is!

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Still Focusing

It is hard to concentrate sometimes!

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FOTD Monday – July 15th

How to seek beyond?

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FOTD Tuesday – June 25th

Hard to balance too much!

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LPM’s Photo Adventure – Bokeh

What’s in the back?

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FOTD Thursday – May 30th

Hard to focus upon!

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FOTD Thursday – 28th March

Just before the finish line……

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Re-blog: Would I Do It Again?

Would I be here, where I’m right now, if I know about it when I started my journey?

One puzzling question this is indeed and I’m sure most of feel the same way at some point in our lives. Sometimes, what I go through a day makes me question the decisions I’ve made in my past about my current situation. The mistakes I’ve made along the way are just old wound marks now but a big reminder they are for me.

Strangely, I sensed strong alterations in my today’s mood. The reason were few thoughts about what I’m today and what I really want to be, which may not seem so harmful. But they dragged me for long, on rough surfaces of negativity.

Thanks to this post by Erika Kind, which acted like a rescuer for me, as I was able to be stand back on my feet and directed my focus on things that matters the most to me and to those who love and care for me.

Read it below!

Share Your Light

the-largest-plant-maze-in-the-world-at-reignac-sur-indre-indre-et-loire-department-franceSharing a post from two years ago today:

I am at a point in my life where I find myself at the best place I have ever been. But that is not everything. I find myself at a place where I see that what I believed about life, what I felt for decades in my heart is about to manifest. I perceive myself as a wanderer who lost the compass, then after a while found her direction, and is now standing in front of that path again she recognizes as the path she knew all her life.

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Floral Friday – June 8th

Focus is everything!

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