Fun Foto Challenge – A Sunlit Red

As if it’s a cherry on top!

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FOTD Sunday – 5th April

And I stepped outside!

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FOTD Tuesday – March 31st

Here’s an early look!

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Fun Foto FOTD – Opposing Red And Green

A perfectly opposing match!

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One Word Sunday – A Round Of Green

A circle of creativity!

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One Word Sunday – Leaves Of Sepia

Still green they are in my town!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Close To Sunflower

I got burnt by beauty!

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Wordless Wednesday – A Green Giant


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Into The Green – A Short Film

Green is amazingly wonderful!

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Re-blog: Ten Life Lessons from My Bike

Cycling around the neighborhood on my bicycle is definitely one of the top 5 things I miss the most from my childhood.

Few things in life give you a certain feeling which you can’t explain properly or even label up properly. For me, cycling is one such thing because it reminds me what a wonderful era my childhood was.

I would love to sit back on the seat and hit those paddles once again.

Check out this post by Miriam about how she reconnected with her passion of cycling and I have to say, she is riding along very well 🙂

Out an' About

There’s something about the rush of wind in your hair when you’re cycling that’s totally invigorating. That is, until you find yourself flat on the ground.

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