Fun Foto Challenge – All One Color

These stairs in my home were built back in the late 70s by my late grandfather. Made up entirely of thick powdered mosaic, their greyish color is still spotless and is so easy to clean.

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Flying

For the past 35+ years, I didn’t got the chance to step inside an airplane and experience the joy and amazement of flying high in the sky, above the clouds and seeing the world down below in a totally unbelievable perspective.

I finally got my chance this past January!

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Black & White

The world was shown in black and white mostly before the mid 20th century. Newspapers, magazines, films and pictures were all captured in black and white mostly.

But the popularity of color didn’t diminished this medium at all. Ask any photographer or filmmaker about black & white and they will praise its significance over color version in many ways.

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