Cosmic Photo Challenge – Dramatic Monochromatic

The play is still on!

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Photo For The Week 16 – Just Sepia

One color to play with!

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Fun Foto Challenge – Playful Colors

Who can say no to them?

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Light The Dark

Light up the dark!

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Wordless Wednesday – It’s Playtime!


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A Tale Of Two Wishes

One was in pending state for a long time while the other one was fulfilled immediately.

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Small Scale Stories

A story’s weight lies in its message, not in how much long or short it is.

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Hands

As I’m typing this using my hands, which are in their late 30’s now, I’m wondering about young hands of Uzair.

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Fun Foto Challenge – Big And Small

Uzair loves cars and his toy collection mainly comprises of cars mostly. He loves to play with them on our bed, which turns into a highway whenever he empties up his toy basket on it.


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Wordless Wednesday – Dreams Behind Glass

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