A Morning’s Shine – Short Film

Would you like to shine?

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A Clumsy Morning Shade

How clumsy of me!

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Re-blog: Away ‘V’ Go!

As per Kate’s advice, I’m re-blogging an old post of mine today from my first blogging year.

I captured these snaps of clouds playing hide and seek with the sun one morning back in March 2015.

Hadn’t seen such playful wonder of nature back again in the sky, so these snaps are my favorite.


Blog of Hammad Rais

Okay, these clouds are Cumulus. I didn’t knew about that until today.


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Wordless Wednesday – What Do You See


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Anticipating Serene

What to expect

From every new day

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Lens-Artist Photo Challenge – Fun With Eggs

Not just filled up with protein!

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One Word Sunday – A Golden Rise

Precious beginnings!

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What Falls Upon

Strikes right into us

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – The New

What’s so new everyday?

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Remembering A Shine Of Past

Haven’t seen one in a while now!

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