What You Got From What You Saw?

Of all the images
Seen by us in our lifetime

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Cosmic Photo Challenge – When I Look Up

Few corners I see!

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Once Upon A Rise

I wondered about

What lies ahead

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Re-posting: He and She – Diary of 1995

Summer means a lot!

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Re-posting: He and She – In Park

Meeting that One person for which heart immediately falls for sounds so romantic.

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Good To Get Cozy

Days are turning short

Nights a little longer

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Eid Is Here Again!

And the joyous feeling is already in the air and on ground!

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Floral Friday – 27th April

There has to be a one day!

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Post I Like: With Love From Me to You

Today is the day when you express your true feelings to the one you love. And there is no harm in doing so, right?

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A Gigantic Leap

Have you ever wondered what popped up into the minds of all those great explorers who saw the unknown for the very first time?

Some became speechless, many felt wonderment beyond explanation but all of them, as soon as they realize what they have just achieved, felt one common thing: a sense of utter accomplishment unlike anything. Continue reading