Fun Foto Challenge – Looking Up At Things

Looking up is good. In fact, it is very good because you realize how much you worth in the world we live. After all, it is not just about what we have down here but also about our value in this vast universe.

So, what do I have to show you for this week’s fun foto challenge by Cee Neuner, which is about looking up at things?

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A Grain In Cornfield

I finally watched movie Interstellar this weekend and let me summarize my feelings after the movie ended in 3 words: UTTERLY MIND BLOWING!!

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Residents of a Dot

Believe it or not, we humans are living on a dot!!


Everyday, we humans experience so many things in our daily lives. Right from the moment we open our eyes in morning till the time we go back to bed at night, our life fills up with all sort of experiences that makes us smile, cry, amaze, think, wonder, argue, etc.

But how many times you experience something that leaves you SPEECHLESS?

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Who Am I?

question mark

Who, Why, What, When, Where, How. These are the most used words we speak each day. Beside answering the most baffling mysteries of the universe, these 6 words can also put a smile on your face or make you cry.

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