FOTD Monday – May 11th

A moment

Can last a lifetime

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What You Got From What You Saw?

Of all the images
Seen by us in our lifetime

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B&W Photo Challenge – Bumpy Road

No smooth ride!

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An Instant’s Tale

Mending the damage

Caused by actions

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B&W Photo Challenge – Vanishing Highs

Not for weak hearts!

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That One Key

blur close up key knot
Photo by Pixabay on


To find that very

Key to happiness

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Our Reset Button


Of all the mistakes we have made

And the pain endured by us

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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Age

For many, just one moment is a lifespan!

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Monday’s Odd Ball – A Door To Open Or Close

Have you ever wondered……

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Graceful Down Below

The moment I saw lights down below, I felt like I have won the biggest jackpot of all.


To many, these pictures may seem ordinary but for me, the very sight of seeing lights of a far away land for the very first time, was mind blowing. Continue reading