Our Prison

In the most fractal manner

We were forged

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Wordless Wednesday – A Door In The Middle

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Jupiter And Saturn Conjunction – Dec 15th

As promised, here is the update for Dec 15th!

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Jupiter And Saturn – A 2020 Conjunction

Look up in the sky!

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FOTD Thursday – July 23rd

Apart from each other

Space in between

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Floral Friday – Dec 13th

Gaps and spaces

Are life’s part

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Floral Friday – Sep 15th

Stretch out and reach further!

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52 Weeks Photo Challenge – Week 31 – Empty Space

Space means emptiness but is it really true?

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From So High Above

The world will be looking towards the sky tonight as countdown to welcome 2017 has already begun.

But how about watching the earth itself from 250 miles above from space station?

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Say Tiny!

How tiny we are?

I’m pretty damn sure we won’t believe our own eyes if somehow everyone living on this planet goes into the vastness of space to just see how tiny we are. Continue reading