Re-posting – A Burning Star


Behind all these moments
There is one such
That seems close, yet so far

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Jupiter And Saturn Conjunction – Dec 15th

As promised, here is the update for Dec 15th!

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Jupiter And Saturn – A 2020 Conjunction

Look up in the sky!

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A Night Star

Saw a twinkling star last night

On a not so darkened sky

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Twinkling Afar

galaxy stars illustration
Photo by Free Nature Stock on

So tiny you are

But still twinkling

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A Star’s Story

Few stars twinkle at night
So distant they are from me

A tiny portion I see of them
But such big buffs they are

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The Taste Of Pleasure

What is the taste of pleasure?

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Up Above The World So High

The night sky is full of stars

Like little diamonds in black jars

Some are big while some are small

And I wonder when they’ll fall

Ultraviolet Coverage of the Hubble Ultra Deep Field

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