Floral Friday – Sep 11th

The night speaks!

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Wordless Wednesday – Nightly Greens

A Night Star

Saw a twinkling star last night

On a not so darkened sky

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Clipper Diaries – Episode #2 – Feeling The Night

Can you feel the night?

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A Photo A Week Challenge – Light Up The Night

Certainly dark but filled up with colors!

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Wordless Wednesday – Nightly Business


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Tuesday Photo Challenge – Fuzzy Nights

It happened one night, long time ago!

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Wordless Wednesday – Close To Green


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The Hexagonal Night

I took many daylight pictures of these cemented grills in my home but this is the very first picture I took during at night.


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Frames Of Time

In response to The Daily Post’s Time


As I paused up to take these pictures on the road, I didn’t realized that I captured a single moment of time in a frame. A frame in which time seemed to be holding still while world was traveling. Continue reading