Wordless Wednesday – Close To Green


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The Hexagonal Night

I took many daylight pictures of these cemented grills in my home but this is the very first picture I took during at night.


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Frames Of Time

In response to The Daily Post’s Time


As I paused up to take these pictures on the road, I didn’t realized that I captured a single moment of time in a frame. A frame in which time seemed to be holding still while world was traveling. Continue reading

The Gas Lantern

When power goes out at night, this gas lantern lights up!


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Itsy Bitsy Spiders II

I miss these two spiders! Ever since autumn season started in Karachi and then winter, they are not weaving webs on my neighbor’s hedge anymore. That’s because of hibernation.

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Trap The White

This tree is real!!

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Iron Moon

A look at moon from a pedestrian bridge at night:



Flashes For Old Man

An old man waiting for bus at night:


Neon Dream of Green III

Here is the third and last shot I took last Friday night.


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Over To You, Green

Just love the view of these green hedge leaves at night.

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