Once Upon A Trip Of My Lifetime – Back To The Waves

Apologies for the unannounced pause!

This post was meant to go live this past Sunday but since it was a Sunday, a couple of chores prolonged at home.

Plus, I felt very much lazy and didn’t felt the mood of turning on my laptop.

And so, my daily re-experiencing plan to post about each day of my January 2017 Dubai trip on exactly the same date in January 2023 got disrupted.

But why stop in the middle of the trip?

Which would be so unfair!

So, let’s just head towards day #4 which was 8th January, 2017 πŸ™‚

Which started off by an amazing sunrise, which was captured from the balcony of my hotel room. To avoid capturing the same view, I panned myself a little to the left, capturing the nearby hotels and apartments of the neighborhood.

The Downtown Dubai was much clearer than day #1, thanks to less fog. This is a zoom-in capture and you can spot Burj Khalifa on the right.

Having no fog that morning, I was able to zoom-in to a Dubai Metro station located couple of blocks away from the hotel. Sadly, I was unable to get a ride on the metro.

After having our breakfast, we hit the road again as we planned to visit some gated communities in the outskirts of Dubai. My Uncle wanted to see those communities up close, so he took us along as well.

It was a perfect January Sunday for an amazing road trip.

This was my very first experience of gated communities and neighborhoods, which was completely opposite to my hometown.

The calmness on the roads, greenery on both sides, etc was certainly pleasant.

I dearly wished to get out of the car and just walk around, with my camera, as those neighborhoods were just so photo-worthy.

But that wasn’t possible because I wasn’t alone in the car πŸ™‚

While many houses there were quite lavish, I really liked the simple designs of the houses in the adjacent blocks.

This was captured from a moving car, so the blurriness in this photo was bound to happen πŸ™‚

Here’s another residential block, which I liked very much.

After touring these gated communities, we drove towards the city of Ajman because of the beach!

Yes, we headed back to another beach on our trip and this one had some pretty amazing rock formation on the beachside, as you can see in the photo above.

That Sunday was just so perfect to be at the beachside, so we availed this opportunity entirely.

Since Sunday in UAE is a working day, the beach was entirely deserted, which was very good for us as we once again enjoyed the waves.

But before heading out towards the waves, we enjoyed the view in front of us. A perfect winter’s day at the beach.

What else to ask for πŸ™‚

Being able to see so many shades of the water, on such a perfect winter day, was certainly an unforgettable treat.

I can still feel those waves beneath my feet πŸ™‚

While being cautious himself, Uzair kept on enjoying the waves and he wished to stay till sunset, which actually I also thought. But there was another stop in our trip for today, so we had to leave.

But before leaving, the very last feet wetting was needed to be done πŸ™‚

And just across the beach, I spotted these two skyscrapers. The one on the right had already completed the construction work while the left one was under construction, so seeing tallest of all other opposite, on a broad daylight, was nothing but wonderful.

Before heading back to Dubai, we had already decided our next stop for the day.

A place where light and darkness play along nicely πŸ™‚

This post is part of my 2017 Dubai trip re-experiencing as I’m sharing some old and some new photos from that trip, along with details about what I experienced in my very first foreign country visit. Read the previous episodes by clicking on the links below:

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2 thoughts on “Once Upon A Trip Of My Lifetime – Back To The Waves

  1. Andrew Blair January 12, 2023 / 2:08 AM

    Lovely, thank you for sharing …I spy the cranes on that building. Beaches are so nice when empty.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Hammad Rais January 13, 2023 / 10:03 PM

      Thank you so much for joining me on this, Andrew πŸ™‚


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