A Barbecue Hat-trick

This year, record has been broken by my family. At this point, let me clarify that none of your own personal record (or records, if you have any) have been kicked out from the #1 spot. If you own any records, then I hope they are still intact. This past weekend, my family enjoyed our 3rd barbecue night. Yes, a 3rd barbecue night in less than 45 days, so I consider this as a huge milestone. We haven’t done that before!!

I mean, we enjoyed some great barbecue nights in past but max count was just 1 per year. But this year, something unexpected happened.

Okay, now I’m sealing up my lips, so that you can enjoy the highlights. Here we go !!!!


The meat is ready, master !!


Fire up the Grill !!


Don’t stop the rotation !!


Stop coughing and keep grilling !!


The fire is hypnotizing !!


Mom, do we have to eat these too?


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