Junaid Jamshed – The One Who Saw The Light

Yesterday, PIA flight 661 crashed near Havelian, Pakistan. All 48 people on board lost their lives.

Among one of the deceased was Junaid Jamshed.


This name might be new for you, I know but for me and countless other Pakistanis, who were in their teens in the 90’s, name of Junaid Jamshed was equivalent to that of any famous Western singer from that same era.

The news of Junaid Jamshed’s demise made me sad yesterday and I kept on thinking about him, what he meant to me during my childhood and teenage life, how he changed himself for what he believed in and much more.

Yes, he did placed a solid foundation for pop music in Pakistan back in the late 80’s by becoming the front-man of Vital Signs, Pakistan’s most famous pop band. Vital Signs reigned on top, all the way through 90’s. The songs they made back then are still my all time favorite but what Junaid Jamshed did later in his life after achieving fame and
stardom was something no one was expecting.

Despite achieving all of that and much more, Junaid Jamshed deeply felt something was still missing from his life. Even after having what others can’t even dream about, one may still feel empty. This emptiness is hard to judge as many conceptualized their minds with a one single but stupid fact: materialism is everything.

No, it is not!

Junaid Jamshed heard this call and started a journey on a path of inner peace. He found it by following the true teachings of Islam, not those which are commonly associated with Islam by the West. He left the the world of music back in 2004 as this act changed his life completely and he emerged as one of the very few faces of true Islam for today’s world. He received both praise and criticism for his actions but he stayed on his course and finally found what he was looking for.

Junaid Jamshed’s life was never the same after the big change and this act lifted his persona to even greater heights. The popularity of his yesteryear never faded away, even after changing himself completely. He used it for the greater good of everyone and remained true in what he believed till his last day.

Now, Junaid Jamshed is no among us as he is gone to a place from where there is no returning but what he had left behind will surely enchant many for ages to come.

I invite you to watch this video of Junaid Jamshed, reciting a famous Islamic ode:


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