Time to Cool Down!!

After letting the lava out of myself through my last post, I’m now cooled up. To be honest, I don’t get angry very often and try my utmost best to stay as cool and calm. I really don’t want to hurt others through my actions.

Lava Meets Ocean

Yes, I do frustrate over certain things but staying in that state for long period is not good for me. Shattering that frustration shell is the right thing to do and it will allow you to put your entire focus on things that you care most for. On the other hand, staying inside that shell is not only bad for you but also for those who care for you.

I have decided to focus on people and things that matters to me most. As they love me and care about me, it is my duty to put them in the first place instead of all that rubbish I’m loaded with for past few weeks. I love my family and they are my everything. The time I spend with my son at home is the best time for me in whole day and there is no substitute for it.

Also, keeping this blog of mine alive and kicking is another thing I love to do. So I have decided to keep posting on it, no matter what. Speaking through this blog relaxes me up and I feel more alive.

The volcano inside me is now dead!!


2 thoughts on “Time to Cool Down!!

  1. Umair Khalid April 6, 2015 / 2:53 PM

    What if sesimic activity occurs and lave ranges inside you awakes ? Do spill all lava on the right place. Hope you understand 🙂

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