My 101

Enjoying a company of great friends is something really special. Laughing together, sharing jokes, making fun, doing things together and so much more.

Whether you have friends since kindergarten or you just made one today, a true friend is indeed precious and fills up your life with happiness and joy.

100 follows

Getting 101 followers on your blog is just like making 101 friends.

101 people from around the world know who am I, what are my thoughts, what I like or dislike and much more. Making 101 friends in less than a year is a colossal feat.

So, as I received the 101st friendship on my blog, I’m saying thanks to all my blogging friends for being my friend, not just a follower.

For inviting me in your lives, for sharing your world with me, for honoring me with your precious time to read my posts, for start following me up as soon you read even just one post of mine (this post is #113, so if you want to check the previous ones……) or if you are reading every post of mine ever since I started my journey in blogging world.

All I can say is Thank You!!


4 thoughts on “My 101

    • Hammad Rais December 2, 2015 / 5:01 PM

      Thank you very much, Kally!
      And yes, just want to let you know that work is under way on that request of yours. These days, I’m stuck in many things (in office only), so not focusing fully on that.

      But I’m still very much willing on it and will do it.

      Liked by 1 person

    • Kally December 3, 2015 / 1:16 PM

      You’re Welcome Hammad! I’ll be patiently waiting for you, no rush. As and when you are ready, my friend.

      Liked by 1 person

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