A Fish, A Penguin And An Apple

Can we draw a relationship between a fish, a penguin and an apple?

I think we can!

As we know, penguin eat fish, not apple. Fish don’t eat apple and tries his/her best to stay away from penguin. Apple is wondering why is he doing here as both penguin and fish are playing a cat-mouse game.

Speaking of cat and mouse, both can climb a tree. Apple grows on a tree, so there you go!


Oh, and also, three of them are the very first three gifts Uzair received on his first week in Montessori.

And this post also marks my #600, so thank you for reading this and all other previous 599 posts I have published. In case, you haven’t then please don’t worry. I will not hunt you down.

All I’m saying is BIG BIG THANK YOU for reading out my posts, liking them up and commenting on them. You really make me smile and that ain’t a small feat 🙂


15 thoughts on “A Fish, A Penguin And An Apple

    1. You bring one on mine. And now that you glimpse what my daily is made of, you may believe it is no small feat!!! I do enjoy your posts. I love having news of your family. I feel I have friends in Karachi. All through your blog and the comments and emails we trade. Long live your blog, my friend! 🙂

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