Friday Fun Challenge – Above A Distant City

Everything looks so different!

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Four Pictures From Pakistan

Year 2017 mark Pakistan’s 70th year of independence. That special day is about month and half days away still but I’m already feeling the spirit to celebrate it.

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The Sapphire Of Pakistan

Neelum (also written as Neelam) is the Urdu word for Sapphire, one of the most precious and valuable blue gemstone on Earth. The color, durability, hardness and luster, all makes Sapphire a desirable.

In Pakistan, there is another kind of sapphire. Neelam Valley, in the Azad Kashmir region, is a 144 km long, thick forested area full of jaw-dropping wonders of nature. The name Neelum truly matches its namesake, sapphire.

At the banks of the Neelum River in Keran. —Marvi Soomro
image courtesy of DAWN

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